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We have launched a free trial Test Automation Capability Service of Regression/Functional & Non-Functional testing for the UK based clients. In order to provide Cost-effective solutions, we use skilled automation specialists at both Onshore and Offshore, who have the expertise in the following technologies :

  • Selenium WebDriver with (Java, C#, Ruby, Python) and Selenium Grid 2
  • Cross-Browser Test Automation using Selenium WebDriver with SauceLabs
  • Open Source Automation Framework: Keyword Driven, Data Driven and Hybrid Framework
  • BDD - Cucumber with Ruby and JVM
  • Mobile Application test automation framework with Calabash-Ruby; Appium with Java, C#, Ruby, Python; MonkeyTalk; UI Automation
  • Open Source Automation Tools: Watir, Jmeter, OpenSTA and Grinder
  • Commercial Automation Tools: LoadRunner, WebLoad, TestComplete, Perfecto, Experitest, Ranorex and Soasta

Why have we launched this programme?

Technology that is changing rapidly with an increasing usage of various mobile devices and multiple browsers has driven and is driving the paradigm shift of competition environment drastically. Note that, with these changes, IT projects encounter new challenges - to quickly test products without sacrificing quality even though their test coverage and scope rises tremendously.

faster time to market

Multiple-browser testing is widely required and the products need to support multiple mobile devices. On top of that, the solutions should be tested across different operating systems. Non-functional testing such as Performance, Load and Security testing are also required.

As emerging Rich Internet Application (RIA), a client side performance testing draws specific attention. e-Commerce/m-Commerce solutions are under high pressure to improve response time of the transactions. Client-side performance testing should be considered in addition to other conventional performance metrics. It is revealed by amazon.com that 1 % revenue increases with every 100ms of response time improved.

Speed-based competition matters. There is little doubt that the QA Team's survival depends on how to test products quickly. In other words, the success of IT project is largely relied on its Test Automation Capability.

To accelerate the release of end product into the market quickly, it is believed that there is an increasing demand of open source automation frameworks.

A few examples are:

  • Google used to utilize Selenium for test
  • eBay uses open-source calabash framework for Android Mobile testing.
  • One of UK mobile payment vendors is considered to use Appium for mobile device testing.
  • One of UK based financial service provider has decided to implement testing using Selenium WebDriver

Who can use a free trial Test Automation Capability Service?

Our trial service is for the company:

  • that has a plan to build new Test Automation capability
  • having problems in implementing test automation
  • whose Test Automation capability is less effective & efficient to meet the project’s needs
  • under pressure to shorten SIT/UAT test cycles
  • requires multiple-browser and multiple-device testing
  • experiencing bottlenecks in regression testing

Test Automation Capability can be built by combining Onshore and Offshore resources. We have a proven track record of implementing and managing functional/regression and non-functional test automation projects, which consist of onshore/offshore teams.

Scope of Global Test Automation Capability Service:

Our trial service is for the company:

  • Building a Test Automation Framework
  • Developing automated regression test packs
  • Execute automated test scripts and produce reports
  • Managing Test Automation projects
  • Managed Test automation Service
  • Build a Test Automation team
  • Train onsite test team to work on test automation
  • Automate test case designs

Types of Test Automation Services:

  • Test Automation Consultancy service
  • Turnkey project service
  • Fixed cost based service
  • Time & Material based service
  • Full time/Part time automation specialist placement

How long does this trial program lasts and how many clients will be invited?

This free trial test automation program last for 5 days, and only ten companies will be invited.
The Scope of free trial is limited to Offshore Service at the moment.

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