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Manual testing

Manual testing is the mandatory test. No test automation happens without manual testing. To automate the test first by doing the manual test we must make the application stable, then we can proceed for the automation.

Even though manual test takes time and more human resource it is the efficient way to test the application. Automation has it's own advantages and disadvantages.

For the small project it's better to use the manual test, it's not worth of buying the tool and training the testers. 100% automation is not normally achievable, and whatever level you hope to achieve, you still have to get there from a manual start.

For the big and on going projects its better to automate. Because ongoing projects need the changes and enhancements. Automation comes under effective way.

Our manual test services include:

  • Test Strategy
  • Requirement Review/Management
  • Test Plan
  • Test Case design and test execution
  • Test Automation
  • Non-functional testing
  • Performance/load testing

Our test type services include:

  • Unit test
  • Component test
  • Integration test
  • System test
  • Acceptance test
  • Non-functional testing
  • Web speed test
  • Security test

We offer the following service models:

  • OnShore/OnSite Testing
  • OffShore Testing
  • Onshore/Offshore Testing
  • On Demand Testing

softTEST247 has a pool of talented manual testing resources internally who understand deep domain knowledge of Banking and Finance services systems including Front/Middle and Back Office. It also covers other domains such as mobile & wireless, e-commerce and auction, media, travel, automobile, manufacturing etc.

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softTEST247 Offshore Test Centre has launched Dedicated Mobile testing lab equipped with dedicated network and latest handsets softTEST247 has launched a brand new dedicated lab for mobile testing equipped with handsets and dedicated network. We are focusing on iPhone, windows, blackberry software testing having excellent talent pool from premier engineering institutes.

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