Service Models

On Demand Testing Service

What is it?

We understand every organisation has different schedules and testing needs, which is why we offer an on-demand pricing model - enabling our customers to purchase the exact number of test cycles they need.

For instance, one of or our clients a major Investment Bank runs a non-functional testing utility project and uses our combined Onshore/Offshore Testing Service Model

For Agile projects that have highly predictable release schedules, we also offer monthly, quarterly or annual subscription plans.

softTEST247 offers test management consultancy, planning and implementation of automated regression suites and performance test services in an On Demand Model.

How does it work?

softTEST247 is a software testing specialist. Our On Demand Model is made possible by our extensive testing expertise and specialist resources along with knowledge of SOA and cloud based testing. In essence, you are plugging into a sophisticated testing cloud with some of the same benefits cloud offers from an applications perspective.

Can your On Demand Model help me?

Yes, we believe so and welcome the chance to discuss your needs and present our capabilities. We're only successful if you are.

  • Have persistent customer complaints about quality, stability and performance
  • Have dissatisfied customers impacting your reputation and future revenue
  • Constantly burn resources to fix field defects or performance problems
  • Know that poor product quality is impacting your credibility in the market place

AND your applications have the following characteristics ....

  • Low-to-medium complexity
  • Does not require extensive specialized test bed / test environment

Does not require extensive specialised test bed / test environment

A primary goal of our On Demand Model is to provide a flexible, predictable, and affordable testing alternative benefiting organisations deal with budgetary constraints looking to optimise effectiveness of testing. softTEST247 can follow Fixed Cost pricing model and will be flexible if you prefer to work with us on a Time and Materials basis.

News / Events

softTEST247 Offshore Test Centre has launched Dedicated Mobile testing lab equipped with dedicated network and latest handsets softTEST247 has launched a brand new dedicated lab for mobile testing equipped with handsets and dedicated network. We are focusing on iPhone, windows, blackberry software testing having excellent talent pool from premier engineering institutes.

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