Service Models

Onshore/Offshore Testing Service

Onshore/Offshore Testing Service model combines onshore and offshore models. softTEST247 consultants provide you services from both on-shore at your project cite and softTEST247 offshore test lab.

Proven strengths of Onshore/Offshore Testing Service include near-24 hour work cycles; project teams with broadly based skill sets; lower costs for resources and an ability to quickly scale up or down to reflect changing project requirements.

For instance, one of major Investment Banking runs a non-functional testing utility project using Onshore/Offshore Testing Service Model. Test Management is done on-shore while script development is done off-shore. Hands-on test case and script development was completely hand-over to off-shore by significant cost saving. This Bank's final goal is for off-shore to take over 100% of non-functional testing under one of key investment banking product.

Of course, the challenges associated with Onshore/Offshore Testing Service Model such as administration costs and cross-cultural communications. Not a few things to overcome.

softTEST247 has a team who gained experience/knowledge of managing off-shore testing resources, and is ready to provide you the know-how to reduce testing cost without scarify quality of test deliverables.

softTEST247 strongly recommends you to use this service model prior to moving to100% Offshore Model.

News / Events

softTEST247 Offshore Test Centre has launched Dedicated Mobile testing lab equipped with dedicated network and latest handsets softTEST247 has launched a brand new dedicated lab for mobile testing equipped with handsets and dedicated network. We are focusing on iPhone, windows, blackberry software testing having excellent talent pool from premier engineering institutes.

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