Free Trial Pilot Software Testing

What is softTEST247 Pilot testing programme?

This is a trial testing service for one week, softTEST247 demonstrates you our capabilities. You can test if softTEST247 can meet your need and expectation.

Why do you choose softTEST247 Pilot testing?

Many customers have doubt about Offshore Testing Service if quality meets expectation and delivery on time. So we run 1 week trail work for you by providing a single or more than one resource whichever require.

Does softTEST247 provide dedicated resource during pilot testing?

Yes, we provide you our high skilled resource during pilot testing.

What types of work softTEST247 will run during Pilot testing?

Types of Pilot Testing covers:

  • Analysis of the requirement.
  • Analysis of business flow and the end to end scenario of the application.
  • Designing of Test plan and testing strategy.
  • Designing of Test Scenarios and related test cases.
  • Execution of the test cases.
  • Analysis of the test case execution and provide feedback to the customer.

Do I have to pay for the Pilot testing?

No, softTEST247 won't charge any bill during pilot testing. This is free service so that you can decide if softTEST247 is a right and capable vendor.

What processes follow before start of the Pilot testing?

  1. Prospect customers approach to softTEST247 by filling the form below (or email to info@softTEST247 with a brief project overview ).
  2. Our representative will contact you within 24 hrs via mail/IM/Skype or phone
  3. If required, NDA will be signed.
  4. softTEST247 sends you a pilot testing proposal
  5. Proposal gets signed-off after review.
  6. softTEST247 will start perform pilot testing

Free Pilot Testing Request Form

  • Could you please approximately estimate your testing project cost (£)?

    0 - 2,000 2,001- 5,000 5,001- 10,000 10,001- 30,000 30,001- 50,000 more than 50,000

News / Events

softTEST247 Offshore Test Centre has launched Dedicated Mobile testing lab equipped with dedicated network and latest handsets softTEST247 has launched a brand new dedicated lab for mobile testing equipped with handsets and dedicated network. We are focusing on iPhone, windows, blackberry software testing having excellent talent pool from premier engineering institutes.

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